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Our stylists highly skilled, and always consult with you before every wash, cut and scalp treatment.  We are constantly training in the latest techniques of colour.

Hair cut & styling
We take into account your face shape, hair texture and life-style to give you the appropriate hair cut. The right hairstyle can transform your face and give you a more current and polished look.

Children's cut & hot oil massage

We encourage children to take special care of their hair.

Scalp Treatment
This treatment has been clinically tested for the last three decades. It has been devised for the treatment of hair problems like dandruff and hair loss. It helps to stimulate the follicles and create a germicidal environment, restoring health to the scalp and promoting healthy hair growth.

Deep conditioning treatment
The protein conditioner used restores vitality and luster to your hair. This treatment protects the hair; making it smooth and easier to manage.

Advance creative coloring
Our colorist will offer a consultation keeping in mind your skin tone & natural hair colour. We offer highlights, low-lights & global hair coloring.

Spa manicure & pedicure
For the ultimate pampering for your hands & feet receive a nourishing soak, exfoliation, conditioning mask & energizing massage. This process cleans the cuticles and softens
them with natural ingredients, working well for dry skin and nails that are brittle.

Nail Art
A very specialized cosmetic field where we shape your nails and apply suitable color & designs.

The application of Heena as a temporary form of skin decoration is popular in South Aisa. We offer intricate Arabian Mendhi designs which are accentuated with colored gems, perfect for special occasions.

Laser Hair Removal has been extensively researched, tested and proven highly effective in permanently reducing unwanted hair.

It works on just about any area of the body where smooth skin is desired such as underarms, face, neck, legs, shoulders, back & bikini line.

How does it work?
The pigment in the hair follicle absorbs the laser light and converts the light to heat. The heat, in turn, damages the follicle and destroys its ability to re-grow. It is important to treat each follicle during the growth cycle for maximum hair reduction.

How many treatments will I need?
Hair growth cycles differ on different parts of the body. Our experienced staff will work with you in designing a schedule to optimize your results

Is it safe?
The laser is pulsed, or “turned on”, for only a fraction of a second and the duration of each pulse is just long enough to disable the hair follicles. A unique component of the LightSheer system cooling gel was designed to protect the skin & actively draws off heat from the skin surface.

Who performs the treatments?
Our laser treatments are performed by technicians who are trained and certified in all aspects of Laser Hair Removal from Sorisa Spain.

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